Try Before You Buy!


Lease with Option to Buy!

Lease with a Right to Purchase Program allows you to find a home that you want to rent initially, but may also like to buy in the next couple of years. We believe that there are many households who may be thinking about buying a home, but for whatever reason would like to rent at the current time.

  1. Apply for Approval
  2. Find a Qualified Home
  3. Lease with Option to Buy

You can lease the home for up to three to five one-year terms, depending on the state, you may purchase the home from is at any time at a predetermined price.


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Apply For Approval

How much can you afford?

Prospective residents start the process by filling out a Pre-Qualification Application. 

If application is approved along with credit and background check, a maximum monthly rent of the home for which the prospective resident qualifies will be outlined. 

Find a Qualified Home

Look through several of homes from approved communities in the comprehensive property guide.

Once home is identified and approved, Home Partners will go through the home purchasing process in regard to prospective resident to move in after closing.

Lease with Option to Buy

Prospective residents signs a one year lease and has the right to purchase after each year for the next three to five years.